We realize the Secret Service can be confusing. Many people have no idea what it is they do. Others think they're not supposed to know because it's a secret. We hope to be able to dispel all of the myths and help to get the "secret" out of the Secret Service. After all, they've been doing a bang-up job wiping out the "service".

Did you know that the original goal of the Secret Service wasn't to protect living presidents, but rather, dead ones? And it wasn't until three living presidents *became* dead that the Secret Service was given the job of discouraging this?

Did you know the head of the Secret Service was appointed on Pearl Harbor Day and has a wife named Sandy?

Did you know that Bill and Hillary Clinton will get Secret Service protection for the rest of their lives but Chelsea is up the creek?

Find out why the White House Police disappeared.

See "secret" codenames used by the Secret Service to prevent us "ordinary citizens" from knowing what they're talking about! (Careful - people have gone to PRISON for having lists like this. But they were probably enemies of the state or else how could they have wound up in prison?)

"Ordinary citizens" like us can help the Secret Service by reporting *anything* suspicious to them.

At long last, you can see if the Secret Service has an office in your town so you can call them to report anything suspicious, or, if you're a suspicious person yourself, you can just drop by.

For your listening pleasure, a list of every known Secret Service radio frequency is provided along with an explanation of which are used for what and, when available, what offices use which frequencies. (Careful - people have gone to PRISON for having lists like this. But they weren't people like us or else how could they have wound up in prison?)

Did you know that Bill Clinton and Al Gore are the only two people in the world who can't tell the Secret Service to get lost? (We're not counting people who are ARRESTED by the Secret Service but, as we all know, they lost their "ordinary citizen" privileges as soon as they got the Secret Service angry at them.)

Did you know that all Secret Service Special Agents are born in Glynco, Georgia?

Did you know that in nearly all Secret Service brochures, the first benefit mentioned is retirement? Did you know the last is promotion?

Finally, you'll have the chance of learning where others made mistakes. See how quickly you can become a threat to society by taking pictures of Secret Service agents in your own office! Or even in public areas. With the number of Secret Service agents prowling around, you should be careful where you point your lens. If you have security cameras around your home or office, you are at particular risk of capturing a forbidden image if you are visited. People who use live cameras that broadcast to the entire Internet are just asking for trouble. Pictures like the ones we have here are exactly what we're talking about.

  • The frequencies used by the Secret Service.
  • Secret Service codenames for people, places, and things.
  • Hear about the Secret Service in their own words.
  • A guide to all known Secret Service lairs.
  • Secret Service Photo Album.

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