This is a dangerous place to be. The main reason Bernie S. was thrown in federal prison had nothing to do with possession of crystals or hardware or software. He wasn't held without bail because of his electronic gear or even the books the Secret Service found in his home. It all centered around photos that Bernie had of undercover Secret Service agents visiting a friend's office. Those photos made their way to a 2600 meeting where a Fox TV crew was filming. Secret Service Agent Tom Varney and his cohorts have used the existence of these pictures as proof that Bernie S. was up to something and posed a major threat to society. They've also done a pretty good job of intimidating others into not taking more pictures. Now at last you can see what all the fuss was about as well as have a good look (well, the best we could manage) at the persons responsible for this whole charade.

Two agents step right in front of the camera.

One agent picks his nose, something the Secret Service disapproves of strongly.
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Tom Varney of the Secret Service (right) with Haverford Township Detective John Morris in tow.

Both had just testified that Bernie S. was still a major threat to society even after eight months of prison. Morris, incidentally, was the detective who threatened a Temple University student with legal action for criticizing the arrest of Bernie S. over the Internet.