The Secret Service is charged with protecting the life of the President and Vice President of the United States and their immediate families, the President-elect and Vice President-elect and their immediate families, former Presidents and their wives, the widows of former Presidents until death or remarriage, minor children of a former President until they reach 16 years of age, heads of a foreign state or foreign government, and at the direction of the President, official representatives of the United States performing special missions abroad. Furthermore, the Secret Service provides security at the White House complex, the Treasury Building and Treasury Annex, buildings which house Presidential offices, the Vice President's residence, and various foreign diplomatic missions in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area or in other areas as designated by the President. The mission of the Secret Service includes investigations related to certain criminal violation of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act, the Federal Land Bank Act, and the Government Losses in Shipment Act. The Secret Service is also charged with the detection and arrest of any person committing any offense against the laws of the United States relating to coins, currency, stamps, Government bonds, checks, credit/debt card fraud, computer fraud, false identification crime, and other obligations or securities of the United States.