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We've just released Volume 18 of The Hacker Digest. If you're a digest subscriber, you should have already received your copy. This volume was from the year 2001, where lawsuits continued to rain down upon us, the country faced a major turning point, and the Code Red computer worm was unleashed.

Our digitization project continues to move forward. You can click here to buy Volume 18 or here to become a  lifetime Hacker Digest subscriber and receive every digest put out so far, as well as everything we publish into the future. We now have 27 years of 2600 digitized in non-DRM PDF format. We currently have Volumes 1 through 18 encoded, as well as Volumes 25 through 33. Every three months, a new digest will be released that will narrow the gap of undigitized issues. Also, a new digest of the previous year's issues is released each spring. (For those of you who want to get all of the digital issues as well as paper editions, we have a special offer here. And if you already have a lifetime subscription to the paper edition, you can upgrade to the digital lifetime subscription at a super discounted rate.)