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Our last two ticket sale events were over in just around one second. We know this was the cause of much anxiety and frustration for those of you who weren't among the lucky ones. We believe this next and final round will last much longer than the first two, but it's quite likely these tickets will also go relatively fast. Even with our increased space this July, more people are attending each year and tickets are going faster. We don't want to overcrowd the venue, so we're keeping a watchful eye on the number of attendees, which will make tickets harder to get overall. If you're certain that you want to go to HOPE this year, we strongly suggest you get tickets as quickly as possible so that you're guaranteed entry to the conference. (We have also lifted our four ticket maximum.)

This next batch will become available this Friday, the 12th of January, at 12:12 pm Eastern Time. Visit the HOPE site at that time to get a link directly to the ticket sales.

You can also get a super-discounted hotel room for The Circle of HOPE by visiting this link - these should be available for a while but they will also sell out at some point.

The Circle of HOPE will be held July 20-22, 2018 at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City. We wish you luck on Friday and look forward to seeing you at HOPE!