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We've finally done it. Our digitizing project involving all of the HOPE conferences is complete. You can now get all talks from any conference on flash drives or download individual talks in high quality video with no DRM restrictions.

But the big news is that we've now introduced a mega archive of every single recorded talk from every single conference. You'll get six 128GB flash drives chock full of the highest quality MP4 files from each of our 12 conferences starting in 1994 and going until 2018. For those times when you just want to hear the talks, we're also including high fidelity MP3 files. And each conference comes with its own HTML navigation page so you never get lost.

All of the files are easy to copy and can be played on just about any device capable of playing audio and video. Between this and the recently released full archive of 2600 Hacker Digest editions, this has truly been the summer of digitization.

Full archive of all HOPE talks

Individual flash drives for each HOPE conference

Downloadable talks from each HOPE conference

Full archive of Hacker Digests (1984-2018) plus all future editions