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We are very proud to join forces with the Freedom of the Press Foundation by becoming a part of the SecureDrop open-source whistleblower system. This is an extremely secure method of accepting documents and other material from anonymous sources. Coded by the late Aaron Swartz, SecureDrop is currently in operation worldwide at a variety of media outlets who have a strong interest in protecting their sources and publishing the truth.

In order to use SecureDrop, you must run Tor Browser and connect to our .onion address. Specific details can be found at www.2600.com/securedrop. It's very simple to add documents and have them sent to us without our ever knowing who the source is. The system allows for messages to be sent back and forth between us and the submitter, again without identities, IP numbers, or geographical locations being revealed.

SecureDrop has been a topic at previous HOPE conferences and there are panels on the groundbreaking service at The Circle of HOPE this weekend. We are thrilled to add our names to those who have already made this project as vital as it is to a free and open press.

(You can still submit articles to 2600 in the old-fashioned way by emailing them to articles@2600.com. Your contributions to our pages are what help make the hacker world so interesting.)