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- 12 / 03 / 88 -

Jim Wiener, "Stardate," Grand Master Flash, it's been a crazy week on many levels, 400 people are arrested in New York in an anti-abortion demonstration, new developments in the anti-Shoreham fight, New York State fails to pay $1 for the nuclear plant, The New York Times calls for the Shoreham nuclear plant to be opened, Eric destroys the paper on the air, why the plant is a bad idea, Jim tries to find the Albany phone book, looking up the numbers of elected representatives, Negativland, the new WUSB program guides are ready, a rundown of the schedule, Eric was almost late for the show tonight, Jim remembers a misadventure involving the Long Island Railroad, a story from the past from the Daily Long Island Farmer involving a shooting is displayed at Jamaica Station, Jim recalls another story involving someone on the tracks, Jamaica's 75th anniversary, a story involving a conductor with lots of overtime, questions about garbagemen, next Sunday will mark a huge number of changes in the New York City subway system, the new Archer Avenue extension, the new "Z" train, the "K" train is being eliminated, facts about various trains, the possibility of an East Side Long Island Railroad station, Amtrak will be moving away from Grand Central Station and into Penn Station, an appeal for callers, trying to figure out what a new tone is on a phone number, demonstrating what a computer modem sounds like, calling Scientologists at 1-800-THE-TRUTH, trying to remember what someone had to eat five years ago, hating the mall or hating them all, how subway service will improve, the prospects for more parking garages on campus, plans to build a hotel on campus as well, some of the mysteries of the campus, the "Michael Jackson Is Ugly" story, other campus stories, how every payphone in Manhattan seems to have "Praise God" scratched into it, there won't be any express service on the Broadway line, a rundown of the various subway lines, Eric is forced to camp onto an outgoing line, the death of Margaret Mee, graffiti in the subway system, trying to call overseas information in Moscow to get the number for the Kremlin, Gorbachev will be in the city this week, a call from Mr. Radio, Jim and Eric's commercial radio experience, a Syosset teenager is accused of telephone crimes involving US Sprint, there will be a show on Christmas Eve, trying to make a smooth transition into the Brothers' show, Jim tells some old radio stories, Eric cues up a record on the air.

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Dec. 3
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- 12 / 10 / 88 -

Hopeful signs for a cold winter, an historic week in New York, the lack of splicing tape and WUSB bureaucracy is responsible for the unedited excerpts of Gorbachev's visit to New York, Eric reports from Times Square where the Gorbachevs are supposed to pass by, walking down Broadway, the last time this kind of a visit took place was in 1960, Eric's attempts to get closer to the motorcade, the sight of Soviet limousines, the tragedy of the Armenian earthquake and the huge death toll, how nearly a million people died in a Chinese earthquake in 1976, Negativland, Armenian earthquake relief announcement, Radio Moscow interval signal, the news from Radio Moscow, suspicions about Soviet intentions, American ignorance of Soviet facts, a caller speaks out against unnecessary surgery, changing relations between the United States and the Soviet Union, the importance of speaking up against any human rights abuse, reaction to this week's meeting between Reagan, Bush, and Gorbachev, disasters around the world and the minimal amount of press attention they've been getting, it's snowing in Brooklyn, Eric tries to convince Jim Doomsayer that the events of this week prove there is hope, the stupidity of living life according to prophecies, an admonition to whoever is picking up the phones in the studio, the overuse of drugs as treatment, how to prove one's sanity, a listing of relief agencies for the Armenian earthquake, the lack of access to Soviet culture in the United States, Armenian earthquake relief announcement, "Greenpeace Radio Report."

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Dec. 10
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- 12 / 17 / 88 -

"Stardate," "Facts Are Stupid Things," no set topic for tonight, finding out exactly how expensive it is to call WUSB from Connecticut, why Connecticut listeners should call, Eric gives out keys, a caller tells a story of a conflict within the art department, what it's like to challenge the system, the silence of the campus during finals week, the strange schedule Stony Brook had for a single year, comparing high school to junior high school, drug problems at schools, a "Concert Billboard" person is needed, a call from Chris Crowley, Bill is working on the WUSB holiday greetings, Eric's call from Baffin Island a year ago, Chris tries to figure out the meaning of life, why people get drawn into structure in their lives, Chris fills time while Eric changes his tape, on-air plans for Christmas Eve, a caller gives advice on telephones, reviews of the Fishbone concert at Stony Brook, plans for a new high school in Mt. Sinai, the open campus atmosphere of Ward Melville High School, how it's become much easier to put out a newsletter, Eric's involvement in an underground newspaper in high school, constructing osprey towers, the importance of shutting down Shoreham, a caller reads a piece called "National Anthem," the FCC prevents WUSB from talking about Mr. Radio, the depression of the holiday season, a caller argues for Shoreham to open, examples of wasting energy, Eric had a letter published in Newsday a couple of months ago, Eric questions Mr. Radio's greatness, Mr. Radio was on WBLI as Dan Stevens, a caller is able to choose her high school, "Mike Palmer's Television" promo, Bob Hope will be the guest, talk of the local mall, spills in stores, the difficulty of finding a newspaper in the mall, the vanishing single screen theaters, a caller wants to start a pirate radio station, monopolies, Cablevision's dispute with the MSG Network, the possibility of generating power outside of the power company, how the cable companies work, a call from Smith Haven Mall, stories from Toys R Us, looking forward to the special Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve shows.

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Dec. 17
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- 12 / 24 / 88 -

Eric and Jim are stuck in the studio for Christmas Eve, Stevie Wonder, lots of people said they would come by the studio, Eric has eggnog, all of the studios have been commandeered, Dave Allen tries to communicate with Eric in the other studio even though it's a one way connection, callers are invited to tune to WUSB while watching the Yule Log, trying to figure out how to drink eggnog through pointy cups, speaking through echo, The Smothers Brothers, a story about Santa Claus, Dave gets a child to sing Christmas carols, Dave demonstrates a Speak and Spell machine, Jim and Eric are tested, Dave explains the "power computer," "Stardate," the "Brain Damage" theme is skipped, Jim played the wrong "Stardate," The Smothers Brothers, Eric tries to read the history of Christmas, Eric talks of Albanian holiday traditions, how Christmas cards originated, Eric tries to figure out which song has been left out of "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer," the correct edition of "Stardate," an eggnog catastrophe in the studio, Eric tries to remember every other line of "The Night Before Christmas," some surprising variations in the poem, nobody else from the station has shown up, Eric tries to figure out how Nicholas I was born after Nicholas V, the anti-pope, some interesting facts about Saint Nicholas, "Great White North" Christmas episode, problems with stereo, "Destinies" holiday greeting, a call from Bill Fox, Eric and Jim have donuts, Bill's grandmother, remembering old children's shows, Jim Doomsayer reports on car crashes, Dave takes calls, a caller reads poetry, a caller plays back the show over the phone, how a mirror and a tape recorder can produce time travel, an update on Santa Claus, words from 1862, words from a patients' rights advocate, a call from Mike Yuhas, Jim explains the confusion behind the reading of "The Night Before Christmas" to Mike, Mike's wishes for a scooter, more facts and possibilities about the Yule Log, how TV programs are being edited so that more commercials can be aired, the Brothers are nowhere in sight, PDQ Bach, Jim is heading to North Carolina by train tomorrow, Jim and WUSB DJ Walt Skretch were both on the Amtrak train that crashed in Maryland last year, Bob Longman drops by, Bob will be on at 4:30 am, Jim departs, Dave returns, the current temperature at the North Pole, Bob is distorted, Dave reads the backs of books, a call from a Rockwell, Stiltskin comments on his name being used in vain, attempting to conference three people in, a caller claims to be in a Chinese restaurant after midnight on Christmas, adjusting Bob's levels, Mr. Radio checks in, Big Jim Doomsayer gets conferenced in, how to say "Merry Christmas" in Japanese, calling London directory assistance to convey holiday greetings, a British operator's impressions of Long Island, British traditions at Christmas, the Pan Am crash at Lockerbie, wondering if a terrorist act was behind the crash, how air travel is disturbing, perceptions of Americans in England, Mr. Radio gives a legal ID, Irin Strauss holiday greeting, Dave returns to the phone, Dave plays a tape about the "power computer," Monty Python, Brother Bill appears, wondering what language is spoken in Luxembourg, a fun fact about continents, calling a French operator to convey holiday greetings, Bill asks for a call from a mobile phone, why it's a bad idea to see the tree in Manhattan, "Santa Claus and the Mouse," some info about Justin Wilson, a call from a Harvey's Bristol Cream girl, calling Japan to convey holiday greetings, "The Night Before Christmas," Diana McKenzie and Chris Vestuto holiday greeting, Weird Al Yankovic, Mary Anne Devine holiday greeting, National Lampoon, Brother Bill and Bob Longman will be taking over, the metal show apparently hasn't shown up either, more words about the "power computer," Eric reads answers to questions from the Book of Knowledge, "A Tale of Christmas Eve," Bill takes over, next week will be New Year's Eve, Nat Goldfarb holiday greeting.

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Dec. 24

Part 1
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Part 2
brain_damage__19881224b.mp3 | for Lynx  / brain_damage__19881224b.mp3 | for WWW 16k mp3
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- 12 / 31 / 88 -

Another year is at an end, looking back, the danger of forgetting what happened in 1988, "Brain Damage" first started in 1988, the Detroit tradition of shooting guns in the air on New Year's, a caller claims to have been fired, an appeal for more calls, fears that Bush will be more dangerous than Reagan, an article by Bob Guccione Jr., this may be Eric's most low key New Year's ever, an update on the AIDS crisis, some milestones of 1988, years seem to be going by quicker, a beeping caller claims to be calling from Colorado and the band Black Cabbage, some changes in the Soviet Union, what the biggest threat to society is, why running out of space is a common theme, predictions for 1989, speculating on who was behind the Pan Am bombing, news on the hostages in Lebanon, Canadian and Mexican elections this year, trivia questions having to do with 1988, callers are paired together, the various anniversaries of 1988, the sound of Mr. Radio on another radio station, trying to figure out who framed Roger Rabbit, some of the people who died in 1988, a caller claims that Lister is using backward masking on his show, the impeachment of Arizona's governor, Brother Bill comes in for the countdown, Eric tries to get around the phone restriction that prevents the time from being called, a race against the clock, crosstalk on the phone, 1988 officially disappears, problems with the outro, Brother Bill's welcome to 1989.

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Dec. 31
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